Help and Usage Instructions

CanDL (Cancer Driver Log) is a simple-to-use database search for finding cancer driver data. There are two main ways to browse the information:

The search allows you to better control your results. The search field search against gene and variant. For example, you can search for "braf" and any data matching the BRAF gene will be displayed. Similarly, you could search for "V600E" and return the results for the V600E-variant of the BRAF gene.

Limited partial-text searching is also available. For example, a search for "AKT" will return any results matching the AKT1, AKT2, or AKT3 genes. Using the example above, a search for "V600" would return any mutations for the amino acid at peptide position 600.

You can also perform a search for multiple genes at the same time, e.g. "abl1 akt1 braf". Matches for all the specified genes will be returned. Partial-text searching is also available in this case. Note that currently the search will not allow you to mix and match genes and mutation variants - for example, "ABL1 V600" would not return anything.

Advanced Search Options

By default, only a limited amount of fields will be displayed. To include other fields, you can access the "Advanced Options" for the search by clicking the link below the main search box:

Advanced Search Options link

This will open up the advanced search options box, which lets you toggle fields on and off by clicking on them:

Advanced Search Options

Fields that are toggled on and off will update automatically in your search results.

Downloading Data

We also provide the option to download your search results as a CSV (comma separated value) file. The downloaded data will correspond to the search you performed, and the fields you selected. You can open up the download window by clicking on the "Export as CSV" link above the search results.

This will open up a prompt that asks you for basic information. We ask that the information is provided in order for us to better analyze the user base of the site, as it will allow us to determine focus for further development. The download prompt will also let you pick which format you would like to download the data in. There are two options:

Clicking the "Download" button will then start your download of the CSV file.

Full Download

We also provide the option to download the full database as a CSV file. If you'd like to download it, please click here to download the full database.